Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some notes on a post: Why this issue is so complicated?

Omid- “In one of the earlier comments Arash, has claimed that Saudi rulers do not support Hezbollah because of their hypocrisy, which is very true in some ways. He also says:

“The Wahhabis rule the corrupt kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enjoy from its
billions of dollars of oil wealth.”

Then he mentions that how this wave of terrorism is an outcome of the Wahhabi ideology. He continues:
“They have lost their credibility before the Muslim world for they have
lost their prominence to a small Shiites group in southern Lebanon called
Hezbollah. They are cowards who brainwash young men to carry out suicide
operations while they sit in their palaces and enjoy their many wives.”

And while he claims “I am not after finding the faulty side here”, he accuses Saudi rulers as the core of the terrorism in the region.I have some notes on this post:

1-Different version of Islam, have different readings, including Wahhabism. What he claims about Wahhabi followers and the Saudi rulers, to some extent is the same for Shiites and Sunnis and so on. There are radical readings of all branches of Islam like Christianity and Judaism. All the people who have breathed in the Islamic world atmosphere are familiar with this concept. I think it is not precise to accuse a part of Islam on what is happening now in the region, while the roots of terrorism in the region related to many complicated factors such as economy, history and the lack of good governance among Middle East countries.

2- Corruption of the rulers is a common pain for the countries in this region. We know that most of the countries in this region, suffer from corruption, bad governance, lack of political participation, lack of freedom of expression and so on, more or less. It is not just Saudi Arabia, which I think its rulers try to be more pragmatic in the International policy making processes.

3- What Arash says about the Mecca and Saudis’ palaces, are not something to discuss. I think words such as “cowards”, “brainwash”, “enjoy their many wives” and so on. Nobody among the people who are trying to bring peace in the region use this tone. No one of the people who have basic knowledge of terrorism and know how this disaster can be reinforced, use such a provocative tone, which is just swear word and comes out of a huge anger. Especially in Iran, while the former president was advocate of dialogue among civilization but not accusing the others on creating terrorism, this tone does not represent the voice of democrats and civil society activist of the region.

4- Such a judgement on who is behind the terrorism, no matter who express, is hurtful for any kind of peace promotion process in the region. That’s why many peace activists emphasize that we should carefully judge the people of the other sects and religions..

omid- i don't see you making a better argument as to what are the main causes of terrorism, arash has made good points, you however, are not making sense.
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