Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wahhabis Are Islam's True Enemy

Arash- Since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the Muslim world has begun to view this Iranian backed group in a different way. In the piece that you are about to read, I am not after finding the faulty side here. I will not address the question of “who started this war?” But I will focus on the response of the Wahhabi establishment who claim to be Muslims and call all Shiites, including Hezbollah, heretics. The Wahhabis rule the corrupt kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enjoy from its billions of dollars of oil wealth. Thus they establish Madrasahs or seminary schools around the world to preach their harsh, inhumane version of Islam. Lets just assume for a minute that Hezbollah is not a terrorist group but an organization that provides welfare for the poorest of Lebanon and also fights the Israeli occupation. Most Muslims would agree with the above premise. Second, Israel is claimed by the Wahhabis to be the root cause of all evils in the region. If the 2 premises above are true, then why are the Wahhabi clerics so adamantly oppose Hezbollah in its fight against Israel? Why is it that Wahhabi terrorists kill tens of Iraqi civilians just because they are Shiites? Why have many Saudi Muftis have given out Fatwas –religious decrees- against Hezbollah? Isn’t Hezbollah fighting the Zionist occupiers? Isn’t Hezbollah’s goal the destruction of the state of Israel? It was The Wahhabi ideology that produced Osama Bin Laden and Abu Musab Al- Zarqawi. It produced hijackers and suicide bombers and the Saudi Royal family is the principle backer of these terrorists. The most outrages occupation of Muslim lands, in my opinion, is the occupation of Mecca and Medina by the corrupt and sinful Saudi family. The Wahhabi fundamentalists and their harsh interpretation of Islam are doomed to fail. They have lost their credibility before the Muslim world for they have lost their prominence to a small Shiites group in southern Lebanon called Hezbollah. They are cowards who brainwash young men to carry out suicide operations while they sit in their palaces and enjoy their many wives. Their abominable acts will discredit them even further and they will soon find themselves in a real Wahhabi hell.

indeed, they are an embarrassment to Islam.
they are indeed.
i know who wote this. you all speak against islam while our brothers in iraq fight the american occupiers. the SHia's collaberated with the enemy and must all be punished.
Sunni brothers in Iraq are murdering innocent Shia's everyday, they don't even think twice to kill women, children or those who are at mosque.
If America was serious about its "war on terror", it's first destination for its regime change efforts would have been Saudi Arabia, the headquarters of the ideology that created the Taliban.
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