Monday, October 13, 2008

This Makes Me Mad!

I got really upset today. Well, first of all, I am in London. I have been here for almost three weeks. Anyhow, I spoke to my mother today and informed her of my packages' arrival. She told me she went to the post office to mail a jacket and a few shirts to an orphan child she takes care of in Iran, and the person at the post office told her "Shipments to Iran are temporarily unavailable”... and that she needed special permission from so and so to send those clothing items to a 7 year-old boy in Iran.

That makes me mad! Mr. Ahmadinejad spends millions of dollars helping out those organizations labeled as "Terrorist" while Iranian children are bereft of basic supplies for the upcoming winter. Mr. Ahmadinejad speaks so shamelessly of freedoms in Iran as if there are no political prisoners there.

Two weeks ago, there was the Quds Day rally here in London. Only a handful of loyalists showed up. Do you know who pays for these events? The Iranian government! They are so fond of throwing such events in London and Islam Abad yet they forget about the needs of 7 year-olds in their own country.

Mr. Ahmadinejad! Iran is facing grave dangers. You might have noticed! What have you gained from your hostile, racist, and violent rhetoric? Has it been anything but more pain, suffering, and agony for your own people?

FBI reports that online crime is at an all time high. So why are we hearing so little about it? Cyber crime has been estimated by the US Treasury to be more valuable than the illegal drugs trade - worth more than $100 billion a year ( What you don't see talked about much is that most large internet corporations are Mafia owned, and when a new successful company rises up, they buy it. Almost all online pornography is owned by mafia, usualy made from captive women & children in Russia or Eastern Europe. Large amounts of free spyware/antivirus software is created by mafia (, household names, & unsafe against their manufacturer, who create the kind of viruses etc. which you are trying to clean from your computer to begin with. About the only serious online non Mafia corporation is Microsoft, which is under continual attack from them, the reason you need continual security updates. You can read about how I came to know these things here:
For more of Iranian political issues, make sure to listen to Dr. Holakouee program here
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