Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Irvine Restaurant Helps Iranian Immigrant

This is the story that was covered by OC Register on June 11th. While Mojdeh Teimorzadeh is not the only victim of domestic violence in Iranian community, but she now is the public face of domestic violence in Iranian community. She was first on the AM 670 popular radio show of Dr. Holakoyee, then was helped by other community organizations and now living a life without fear with the support of her community and community at large.

Her story is consistent with the pattern of abuse that other DV victims experience in immigrant communities. Each story is unique and equally painful. Each of these women coming to US with the hope of a better life, fleeing the societal restrictions imposed on women and girls in Iran and some find themselves in the vicious cycle of power and control and exposed even to harmful physical and mental situation.

Read the OC Register article HERE.

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