Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mr.Above the Law!

What can you say when the Vice President of the United States of America talks of a special place and privileges the constitution has afforded him? What can you say when the Veep claims he is not a part of the executive branch? “What special place Mr. Veep?” one might ask? The privilege to classify information when he wants and to declassify it when he wants? The privilege to out an undercover CIA operative for political retribution against her husband? The privilege to become the most influential Vice President in the history of the U.S and not be accountable to anyone?

Dick Cheney’s most recent argument that he is not part of the executive branch but a member of the legislative branch as the president of the Senate, raised many eyebrows. Most conservatives who believe in strict interpretation of the constitution could not believe what they were hearing!

Mr. Cheney and the GOP must know that this not just another partisan battle with the Democrats. True conservative will not back Cheney and his “above the law” attitude. I strongly support Rep. Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to cut Cheney’s funding as a member of the executive branch and reassign him new staff budget as t he president of the Senate. I also urge all law abiding Republicans not to sit quiet and react accordingly to Cheney’s lack of respect for the law. After all, we are a country of laws , so lets keep it that way!

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