Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who is the Real Deal?

A friend asked me who's my favorite candidate for president.
I'm leaning towards Edwards. He's the straightest and clearest (apart from Kucinich)
Iraq, his presentation of his universal health plan is by far the best I've heard, and he's
deadly serious about ending poverty.
A friend of mine who was at the
California Democratic Convention last month said Edwards got more ovations than the other
candidates combined.
Of course, Obama is the one in my heart.

My research shows that heis an
awesome politician with a spine of steel, the most gifted leader to come along

in a generation. Unlike the other candidates, what Obama inspires in millions of people is LOVE.
He knows his life is in constant peril (he's already receiving Secret Service protection). I'm deathly
afraid that he's going to go the way of John and Bobby, of
Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X,
Martin Luther King. His life is in mortal danger because he is the REAL THING.

-Clive Leeman

This blog is pathetic. No one even comments anymore. People dont want a lame, democrat opinion.

How is your beloved surge going?
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