Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It Is a Bad Year For Dictators

Arash-It is very likely that the world is going to be rid of another dictator very soon. Yes, I am talking about Fidel Castro the Cuban dictator who has ruled over Cuba for 40 years with nothing but fear and terror. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans fled their homeland after the Cuban Revolution and a big portion of this exiled community reside in Florida. I saw pictures and video clips of their joy. I saw them cheering in the streets of Miami. I saw many exiles who hope to return to their homeland once the shadow of a bloodthirsty dictator is lifted from Cuba.
"Castro has gone under successful surgical operation and his condition is stable” said the Cuban official television. Many think he is dead and others think that he is too weak and sick to be able to handle the affairs of his nation. That is why he handed over all operational powers to his brother, Raul Castro.
It has been a pretty bad year for dictators. Milosevic died in jail while Saddam has been on a ridicules hunger strike while being trialed for crimes against humanity. Fidel doesn’t feel that great and Chavez and Ahmadinejad are becoming more and more isolated. Lets hope this year would be even worse for dictators .

castro is a terrosit like chaves and ahmadeenejad and hizbollah.long love democracy.
do you guys get money from the state department, or the CIA or moosad? did you guys get that 75 mil dollars ?
next is Khamenei and his cronies

Freedom for Iran now
Winston please, we don't want any Iraqi style freedom.

It's also been a bad year for American adventurism.
Well it depends on how dictatorship is defined. Chavez and Castro are considered heroes by many of their civilians.

And about freedom in Iran, I agree with pouya. Living under a religious regime is far better than achieving freedom by foreigner’s invasion.
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