Monday, August 14, 2006

Ahmadinejad on CBS

Arash-I watched Mike Wallace’s interview with Ahmadinejad yesterday. I must admit that Ahmadinejad’s answers were calculated. The general assumption about Ahmadinejad is that he is an uneducated man who can poorly articulate himself. But his performance on 60 minutes was surprising and proves that assumption to be wrong. He answered most of the questions in a very politically sound manner. He spoke comfortably and tried to make his case while keeping a meaningful smile on his face. He is still an illegitimate leader in my eyes who is driven by ideology and not by Iran’s national interest, but I am not going to bother you with my opinion on his performance as president so far. I leave that for another time. You can watch most of the interview here.

Everyone should read the article in WSJ 8/15/2006 by Bret Stephens. He describes these people's nature. A killer and SOB is a keiller and SOB, even if they sometimes call him "Mr. President!"
It should be never forgotten that Iran’s 1979 uprising against the Shah and his kingdom was driven by intellectuals, however, the religious mobs took control by help of Carter administration, British, and Europeans so that a green belt (Islamic countries) assembled in impeding the advancement of USSR (communists) in oil rich countries of Middle East. Khomeini was unknown character to 99.9% of Iranians before 1979. But, Europe flew him from Iraq to Paris and provided microphone to him for broadcasting his backward ideology. Amazingly, he became man of the year for time magazine!! The west imposed fanatic “leader” massacred all democratic and freedom seekers of Iran in a short period after power seizure.

Now, Soviet Union is broken and there is no threat to west anymore. However, the west created monsters are unleashed. There are thousands of Ayatollahs and mullahs in Iran. They are the most illiterate and brutal individuals. Each has a circle of his own with regional military, judicial, legislative, religion financial foundation, financial sector dominance, secret service, media, and assassins. In simple, these mullahs all carry mafia style operations. There is shadow government running the government.

Ahmadinajad is the new adaptation of mullahs. They are the most barbaric, vicious, wicked and inhuman bunches that only belong to history’s trash bin. Anybody thinks of them otherwise, they do not have the slightest idea.

What happened to Iran by this authoritarian and wicked religion is a good example for the world to mull over. The whole world needs to help Iranians to become a free democratic society by supporting the struggle of democratic movement in Iran and condemn these fascist mullahs.
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