Saturday, July 22, 2006

Iran and Hezbollah

The situation between Israel and Lebanon is becoming more and more difficult to resolve. It worries me particularly because Iran may become involved in this dispute. Iran’s support for Hezbollah is no secret. But what if Israel decides to go ahead and punish all Hezbollah supporters, i.e. Iran and Syria. Iran can also take advantage f the current situation by diverting the world’s attention to the fighting in Lebanon and not to the Iranian nuclear crisis. If the Hezbollah attacks were calculated moves by Iran to minimize the world attention on Iran’s nuclear activities, I must say their strategy has worked. The leaders of Iran now hope the conflict won’t escalate any further for it would be bad for all the countries in the region. But when Israel and the U.S are engaged in their own wars and the Arab world is more worried about Israel than a nuclear Iran, then what would stop Iran to follow the footsteps of North Korea?

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