Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New York vs. Virginia

Virginia was once the “mother of Presidents”, producing eight great presidents between the late 18th century and the early 20th. But it has been a long time since a charismatic leader has emerged from the land of Thomas Jefferson. This year Virginia has two of her sons to offer to the presidential race, one a former Democratic Governor of the state and the other a current senator. Gov. Mark Warner and Senator George Allen have both publicly stated their intentions to run for the nomination of their parties. Mark Warner made a fortune by entering into the cellular phone business in the early 90’s and made millions of dollars. George Allen is the son of the famous "Coach Allen" of the Washington Redskins who moved from southern California to Virginia to coach DC’s only football team. Warner is a moderate Democrat who opposes partial birth abortion, gay marriage, and harsh gun laws and supports the capitol punishment for the most violent criminals. Warner is a young, enthusiastic southern governor who reminds many observers of Bill Clinton. George Allen however is a true conservative Republican. The junior senator from Virginia has everything a good, solid, conservative politician must have.
The state of New York has also surprised us all by producing a record number of likely candidates: Senator Hillary Clinton (D), Governor George Pataki(R) and Mayor Rudi Giuliani(R). This blue state will most likely produce the challenger to the GOP front runner, John McCain, for the Republican primaries.
Hillary Clinton is a dangerous proposition for the Democrats. She is a polarizing figure who lacks many characteristics needed for a successful presidential candidate; most importantly: Charisma. Governor Warner is the only Democrat who has a real opportunity to win the 2008 Presidential election. Southern states will never vote for the super feminist/boss-lady like wife of Bill Clinton. Governor Warner can carry the South and bring the Democrats back to the White House after 8 years of bitter defeat by the Republicans. My advice to the Democrats: Don’t blow it again with a northern super liberal.


Warner will do a good job. He is a smart politician that can win some votes in the South. Hillary Clinton WILL NOT get the nod, the dems know she is too polarizing. McCain wins it all.
very informative post.
Yes...i have to agree with you about Hillary Clinton. Overall, great post!
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Hitlery Clintoon will never get the chance to run for presidency!

She is evil herself!
Senator Clinton is irrelevant, anti-war candidates in Democratic Party are the winners! I am talking about Sen. Edwards and Sen. Feingold.
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