Sunday, April 02, 2006

Upscale Club in Northern Tehran... Wooohoooo!

Check out pictures of the Farmanieh Club, an upscale club in Northern Tehran. Its so gorgeous! This is how, as we say in Farsi, the az-maa-behtaroon ["the-better-than-us"] live their lives. There's such a disparity of wealth in Iran: about 40% of Iran's population lives under the poverty line. This is where the current President Ahmadinejad gathers much of his support base from. His best-known campaing slogan wasn't about Iran's right to nuclear technology or wiping Israel of the map, but about spreading the oil wealth. In fact, Ahmadinejad's first budget package, which is currently going through the Majlis (Parliament), is actually the largest in Iran's history. Ahmadinejad is definitely riding the income-inequality wave in Iran. One reason for his popularity was his simple lifestyle, as depicted in this picture. He still lives in this simple house in Narmak, a typical low-income neighborhood in Tehran. During his campaign, Ahmadinejad bashed the Islamic Republic's establishment for their corruption and inattentiveness to the needs of the common man. In fact, his supporters distributed millions of CD's and DVD's about the corruption of Ahamdinejad's main rival, former president
- Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.
- View Ahmadinejad's Official Website Here!
- View Farmanieh Club's Pictures Here!
- Read Ahmadinejad's Interview with USA Today Here!
- Assareh

your weblog is very intersting & active!!!
Dear Aliraze. thank you for visiting our blog. I hope you had a wonderful Nowruz.
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