Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Naked Protests in Berkeley

A couple of weeks ago we had two "Sweatfree Naked Protests" here on campus. The students demanded that the University adopt a "Designated Suppliers Program," and not buy UC apparel from sweatshops around the world. On the second day of the protest students organized a sit in at California Hall, where the chancellor's office is located. Because they were making too much noise, 18 of them were arrested briefly. I didn't see too many people participating when I was passing by. There was a crowd of probably 20 to 30 people protesting and another crowd 0f 40-50 watching.
You can read more about this and look at some other pictures by going either to Berkeley Experience blog which runs by a Berkeley Student and a friend of us, Nathan... or to California Patriot Blog which is a amazing blog. Here are the links to some videos gathered by Nathan of the berkeleyexperience blog:

Video (1) , (2) , (3) and (4)

I think that if the designated supplier program is adopted and each shirt becomes $30 instead of $10 then the first people that strat protesting would be the very same people! The economic imperatives and complexities surrounding the case are too many to be simply dismissed on the grounds that certain workers are not being treated as nicely as they should be in an ideal world.

- Assareh

beautiful, now if the students could protest for something that fucking matters. Did they forget an unjust war is going on? Berkeley needs to look outward, not inward.
The California Patriot is horrible, bunch of close minded racist douches.
this story is so old, why are you posting it now?
Well, as a blog I think it functions well. (California patriot) I dindt judge the content. Anyway thanks for your notice.
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