Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mock War Game Shows Limited U.S. Options on Iran

"The Atlantic Monthly magazine recently arranged a mock war game to examine U.S. options if military force is used to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. As NPR's Michele Kelemen reports, the exercise showed how limited the options are.
Retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner ran the simulation. Armed with maps and charts in a slideshow, he laid out several options: one night of air strikes against Revolutionary Guard units to punish Iran if it meddles in Iraq; several days of air strikes aimed at Iran's nuclear program; or an all-out war to topple Tehran's clerical regime.

Listen to NPR Report on this topic....(Omid)

This is not so recent, the war game discussed here is 6 month or more old. The overall concensus in the decision-making circles in the goverment is moving against the conclusions of this game. See Gardiner's comments on CNN.
Thanks Hazhir. We forgot to mention the time. Just reminding the whole story. We think there some interesting points at this piece. What do you think
it is outdated, but still interesting. But living with a nuclear Iran is a little too scary to fathom...gulp!
Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace prize-winner, is coming to speak at Berkeley on Wednesday the 10th of May at 11:30 AM in 155 Dwinelle Hall. Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up about this one.
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