Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just Out: Iran has joined the Nuclear Club!

Picture 009Video sent by Bahman1357
(First of all thanks Bahman for sharing this video with US)
This was just announced today: Iran has, for the first time, succesfully enriched uranium to the 3.5% necessary for making fuel (you need 90% enrichment for making a bomb).

At the White House, Engaging Iran With Words Over Action -New York Times
WASHINGTON, April 11 — One of President Bush's most senior foreign policy advisers spoke with unusual candor last week about the quandary the White House faces as it tries to confront
Iran. "The problem is that our policy has been all carrots and no sticks," the adviser told a gathering of academics and outside strategists, according to members of the audience. "And the Iranians know it." It is partly for that reason, other administration officials say, that President Bush and his aides see some benefits in the increasing public discussion about what the White House may do if diplomacy fails to persuade Iran to halt what they suspect is a nuclear weapons program.
- Read BBC's take on this: Iran Raises Stakes in Nuclear Row
- The process of making a bomb:
The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
- Iran's Program: Iran's Key Nuclear Sites
Is Iran next? The calculus of military strike. Christian Science Monitor
Bush denies Iran nuclear attack plans ABC Online
US says cannot confirm Iran's enrichment claim Reuters

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