Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iran's Nuclear Program: Part I

So here's the deal about Iran's nuclear program. The United States is not going to let Iran get nuclear weapons without paying a price. This is quite obvious: first of all, even though Iran and the United States have many common interests in the region, they are nevertheless strategic and geopolitical enemies. Why would the United States let a country with different geopolitical interests than its own get access to the ultimate weapon? Secondly, a nuclear Iran is going to set a bad precedent in the region. Iran also has different geopolitical interests than many of its Arab neighbors, particularly Saudi Arabia; it is involved in a territorial dispute with the United Arab Emirates; its influence in Syria and Lebanon threatens the stability of Jordan and Oman; and so on. Therefore, the geopolitical interests of the United States and much of the Arab world are inimical to the geopolitical interests of Iran. A nuclear Iran would thus provide Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region with a strong incentive to pursue a weapons program of their own. And who would want nukes in Saudi Arabia where millions of little Bin Laden's live?

Therefore, the question is: what price is Iran going to pay for its nuclear program? I will discuss some possibilities in Part II of this article.

Read about the reactions of Iran's Arab neighbors here.

- Assareh

What has been the reaction of other Middle Eastern countries to Iran's nuclear program?
There is no price that Iran could pay worthy of allowing a terrorist state to gain access to nuclear weapons. The US MUST stop them, plain and simple.
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