Friday, April 07, 2006


Can you believe this? Where else on the face of the earth would a terrorist who has repeatedly confessed to his would be crimes, gets such a fair and just trial? Yes I am talking about ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI the alleged 20th hijacker. He has been given free reign to attack America, while receiving the best treatment ever afforded to a TERRORIST. The Likes of Moussaoui only understand violence. I would like to pose a mind boggling question to those of you who criticize the American justice system in an unfair fashion? What do you think would have happened to Moussaoui if he were to face trial in Saudi Arabia or Egypt? How many finger nails would he have lost? How many of his family members would have been tortured and coerced to make false testimony? There are many things that are just not right with our American system, but I can proudly say this: it is far better than anywhere else in the world.

yes but your analysis is short sighted and exempt from reality.

Firstly, the trial is a joke and a charrade. Clearly, they are trying to impress upon you the very ideas you hold-- that the trial is fair and that justice is being done. Zacarias is not Al-Quada, Zacarias is an idiot. It is a big show. The guy needs mental help, not the death sentence. Even Zacarias HIMSELF knows this, that is why he treats it as a joke-- because his destiny is the same.

And these toe nail governments as you say, who funds them? Whos supports them? Who is the puppet master? The rule of law is the monopoly of force and administration of conflicts-- but what constitutes a conflict is what is opposed to the will of the powerful. Thus, Saudi Arabia may have such techniques, but the money they aquire and the forces they posses are sustained by the very same people who are opposed to Islam. So while everyone is running in the park about a cartoon, 200 people are trampled in Mecca and the government wants to keep it on the down low... release the cartoons. It is all a psychological game. The truth is, the Islamic countries dream of unification, but who divides them? I don't blame Zacarias for his mental state, because if I did, I would have to feel the same about all the revolutionaries, whether those who advocated force or protest, to obtain the objectives of the people. The powerful take advantage, the lowly are helpless, but nature is above all-- and nature will always find a balance.
I completely agree with the anonymous above. I can't believe that you're calling the trial fair! Have you even followed the trial? If you had, you would have seen that there have been two serious errors made by the prosecution which at one point raised the objection of the judge and caused a suspecion of the trial due to "egregious government misconduct. The government said one of its lawyers had coached four witnesses, breaking rules set by the judge." The next day the judge however was happy to ignore it and go one with the show. In any case, I don't believe that coaching witnesses is consistent with having a fair trial but that's my take. Here is the link:
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