Monday, April 10, 2006

A Bush Joke

A man dies. He reaches the gates of heaven and hell in the afterlife and sees lots of clocks on the wall. He asks the doorman what the clocks are for. The doorman explains that there are as many clocks on the wall as people in the universe; as one tells a lie, the minute hand on his or her clock moves one minute. The man sees a clock whose hand is not moving at all. He asks, "whose clock is that?" The doorman says, "Its Mother Theresa's. She never told any lies." The man sees another clock moving very, very slowly. He asks, "and whose clock is that?" The doorman says, "Its Abe Lincoln's clock, you know he told a few lies here and there, but not many overall." The man is curious, and asks, "so where is George Bush's clock?"
The doorman responds: "God took that one to his room to use it as the fan!!!"

- Assareh

Not Funny
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