Sunday, April 23, 2006

American Theocracy

Here is a great book by a former Republican strategist Kevin Phillips called " American Theocracy". I finished reading it last week. I happen to share the same view with Mr. Philips on the negative role of religion in government. Many rational conservatives are also worried about the rise of the evangelical right. My main source of disagreement with the GOP has been their use of religion in order to win more votes. The GOP ( God's Own Party!!) as Pat Robertson described it once has become “the party of God”. The Party of God? Isn’t that the exact translation of the word “Hezbollah”? I am not suggesting that Hezbollah and the Republican Party are both terrorist organizations and I am certainly not making any comparisons between the two! I simply wanted to remind you all that “the party of God” in Arabic means “Hezbollah”!


No Iranian theocracy?
Bush and Ahmadinejad are very much alike: both lie a lot, both cheated in elections, and both are unable to speak English!
you suck Arash, screw your fucking blog
This is a bit too alarmist, IMO.

Lol@and both are unable to speak English!

You Iranians know nothing about the world politics!
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arash is aratarded
WTF? Why is the blog administrator censoring our comments. Oh Yeah, that is how they do things in Iran. No freedom of speech
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