Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Everywhere sky is blue"

It was my first year out of home at the New Year eve last night. However, I was connected online to my friends in Washington DC, London, Paris, and Tehran. It is internet which has made this miracle happen. But now, that’s fine….Life goes on and according to an Iranian saying, “everywhere the sky is blue”.

Since I started bloging in 2001, I have been always interested in “Group Bloging”. Personal blog has its own functions, but group blogging provides a diverse range of spreading out ideas and thoughts and that’s why it is interesting. One day, after a long, serious, and constructive discussion with Arash and Ali who are my friends at UC Berkeley, we decided to run a blog together and talk about our concerns, interests, hobbies and whatever else we feel about life. It would be serious, humorous, and at times controversial.

I met Arash first at his Decal class on Suffism. More than 80 students where at his class and I was really surprised. Houtan, a friend of mine, introduced Arash and Ali to me. Since then we have been good friends. “Berkeley Forum” is going to deepen this friendship and make is much more creative. I believe in creativeness to keep friendships… Don’t you think so?
And Ali, the other contributor to this blog, has another Decal on Iran after the Revolution. I had a small talk at his class last semester and I enjoyed it.

Just before finishing this post let me share two links with you. The first one was sent to me by one of my Korean classmates, has sent me today, and it has some pictures of the Iran's president, the most media-covered man in Iran since the Revolution. Besides I invite you to take a look at this nice clip of an Iranian new year's song, Which makes me very passionate …..Omid

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