Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hillary's Lack of Courage

Hillary Clinton ran a losing campaign second to none in modern American history. She made numerous strategic mistakes such as lack of infrastructure in post Super Tuesday states. She was so confident of Obama’s defeat on Super Tuesday that she failed to set up the most basic campaign facilities in post Super Tuesday states such as Nebraska or Washington. Mark Penn, Clinton’s chief strategist, only added to her troubles by not knowing California’s primary was NOT a winner take all contest! This was a huge mistake by someone who has spent a life time in US politics and was credited to have been one of Democrat’s best strategists.

Clinton’s camp made mistakes, and no one is denying that. But what really caused Hillary the presidency was her bad timing to enter the race. Clinton announced her candidacy convinced of an anti Bush/anti GOP mood in the country. She thought she picked an easy fight,until Obama entered the race. Clinton’s calculations about an easy Democratic victory against a GOP candidate were correct. She made only one mistake: She ran four years too late! Obama and his message of change was much more appealing to the disgruntled, angry Democratic voter and Hillary’s moderate stances did not stand a chance.

Hillary lost her dream because of her political calculations in 2004. You may ask why? The Democratic Party entered the 2004 election without a quality candidate. Kerry supporters voted against Bush and not for Kerry. The Democratic nominee for presidency in 2004 was mediocre at best. He ran a terrible campaign and lost to President Bush in November. Hillary did not enter the race because she believed it was not possible or too hard to unseat a president. She could have easily won the Democratic primaries in 2004 but Hillary did not have the COURAGE to pick a fight. She set her sights on an easy victory in 2008 and gladly, she lost!

That is why Clinton, in my opinion, is a political opportunist! She tried to ride the waves of dissent and dissatisfaction in 2008. She could have had it all had she run 4 years earlier. Sometimes in politics, courage is much more important than precise calculations.

Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama for courageously making history this past week!

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