Sunday, January 20, 2008

McCain's Momentum

As the primary season continues, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) proves to be a viable candidate for the Republican nomination. He is well seasoned in foreign policy, a former POW and a decorated war hero. McCain is certainly a man of principle. He has voted against his own party on a variety of issues from immigration to campaign finance reform laws. McCain has proven to vote his conscience on issues like torture and treatment of war detainees.

With his victory in South Carolina, McCain has defeated the GOP establishment once again, an establishment that has never been that friendly towards Arizona's senior senator. McCain's early win in New Hampshire and the momentum he gained from that win, has aided his rise to the top. His slide in poll numbers this past summer and a major lack of funds in his campaign's war chest worried many observers that the 71 year old senator's dream of presidency was never going to be realized. After all, Arizona senators have a tendency of NOT becoming presidents. Barry Goldwater, the legendary conservative leader of the Senate and the GOP presidential nominee in 1964, ran a terrible campaign and lost to President Johnson in a land slide. McCain occupies the very same seat. As Arizona's senior senator, he may finally have the chance to make history, to be the first president from Arizona and also the oldest man to ever hold the top job. Yes, if elected, McCain would be 72 on inauguration day, beating Reagan by two years!

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