Monday, January 21, 2008

Huckabee and the Grand Dragon

Today was Martin Luther King day. A holiday not well received in many parts of our country. It saddens me to learn that racial bigotry still plays a role in our presidential election. When Mike Huckabee announced his candidacy for seeking the Republican nomination, I was the only one among my friends who had ever hear of him. You might ask me what does Huckabee have anything to do with MLK? I will tell you.

I saw Huckabee as a very likable guy, someone form humble roots and self made man who had risen to the top in his state of Arkansas. Huckabee had also lost over 100 pounds to prove that even a southerner can say no to fried food!

At any rate, Huckabee was never my favorite candidate. I never thought of voting for him , mainly because of his religious fanaticism but I found him to be a genuine man, someone who knew what it means to be poor and not have loads of money and special privilege.

But Huckabee went to South Carolina and turned us all off. He said the unimaginable. Huckabee was supposed to be "...the kind of conseravtive who wasn't mad at anybody...". Well I guess not. As Huckabee went to South Carolina, he started making the most insulting remarks a decent man could make. He began defending the Confederate flag and how no one should mess with it! Really Mike, Because I never thought you sympathized with the Confederates and I know you Don't. So why now? Just to win votes? What's next? Photo op with David Duke and the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan?

Good Greif

If you only knew how much the Klan, the radical white hate groups oppose Huckabee. THey ahve been against him for some time. One day there will be a book written on it.

Listen to to the extremist sites like the POlitical Cesspool show available on the net or the NEO Confederate radio programs, or worse storm front radio. You will find that see Huckabee as the enemy

Anyway it is amazing that na man that as pastor told his church he would quit unless they integrated is being associated with the Klan.

By the way there was one Republican at the King event today.That was Mike Huckabee. WHy? BEcause the King family invited him
I never said that Huckabee is racist or has ever been a member of the kkk. As a matter of fact i praise huckabee for many great things he has done. but making remarks about the confederate flag in South Carolina is just simply irresponsible. The Confederate flag represented the racist South during the civil War. Did it not? And defending the public display of the Confederate flag by a man of God and a former elected official who is also a presidential hopeful s just embarrassing.
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