Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Student Affairs Professional Recognized for Community Service and Activism

Elahe Amani Honored With Inaugural Award

You have seen many post under then name Elaheh. Well, Elaheh Amani is a great family friendand an extraordinary woman. She has been a human rights activist for many years . Her great work through various charitable organizations has helped the lives of many . Berkeley Forum congratulates Elaheh on her most recent achievement!

Elahe Amani has served the needs of students since 1999 — first in student financial services and now as director of technology services in student affairs at Cal State Fullerton. The Iranian-born Amani also has been involved in activities that enhance students’ educational experience, ranging from lecturers on gender and culture, leadership and multiculturalism to getting funding for a financial literacy program on campus. In the community, she has been an organizer of statewide conferences, served as chair of the Coalition of Women from Asia and the Middle East, and is a member of the board for the Women’s Intercultural Network. She has served on the community advisory board for the Natural History Museum of LosAngeles, a board member and representative on the California Women Agenda and a research chair for the California State Economic Network. She has made numerous presentations, and last year, gave commentary and context during a screening of the film “Kandahar” — about an Afghan-born Canadian journalist’s efforts to return to her homeland to reach her sister. Most recently she took part in the 51st United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

For all the things that she has done, Elahe Amani was recognized May 9 by the Women’s Studies Department at Cal State Long Beach, where she once worked as an accounting tech, financial aid disbursement supervisor and as a lecturer. Elahe was one of the inaugural recipients of the Lillian Robles Award for her efforts in community service and feminist activism. Robles was a Juane-o elder and Cal State Long Beach faculty member who battled to protect 11 acres of university land from development in the 1990s. At one point she camped out on the site for several days, said Elahe, who had known Robles when Elahe worked at Long Beach. “She was someone who stood up for issues that were important to her,” said Elahe, adding that Robles had been a foster mother for several hundred children and had been honored as Los Angeles County Mother of the Year. “She was really the soul of a caring woman. “I am so honored to be named to receive an award named after her,” Elahe added. “I am totally humbled and surprised by this recognition.”

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