Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Saddam Hussein was executed justly. He was a blood thirsty criminal who killed hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. He came to power by brutally murdering all his rivals. Then he invaded Iran which ended with his humiliating defeat. But that wasn’t enough for him. He had to invade Kuwait this time where his military machine was buried in sand after the Coalition Forces got involved. He gassed thousands of Kurds and Iranians and committed genocide against the Shiites.

In the following video clip, an Iraqi journalist ( Al-Mousawi) and an Iraqi MP ( Al-Jabouri) get in a ridiculous fight on Aljazeera over Saddam Hussein while broadcasting live.


saddam went to hell!
Worth watching:

you are all a bunch of bumbling bafoons.

advocating the death of any human being is inherently wrong. don't let preconceived notions misguide you.
And show me evidence instead of an idiot behind a box claiming saddams deeds. could not even confront those who accused him. and now he is dead. irrevocable. you are happy? fuck you. he was the president of a country. its not about saddam, its the dignity of a people. there is no justice in this world but he who things this life is a conclusion is a moron.
president of a country? would you remind me of his election to the office? when was he voted in? when was he re-elected?were there any fair elections in Iraq?ever? and do you deny the death of hundreds of thousands under Saddam's regime?
election? fair election? o wow the tooth fairy must have brought you a democracy in the US. Just how we have fair, impartial, elections that should be an example the world. just how we disenfranchised the black man, held him in chains, and today deprive him of his economic and moral dignity, but its equality now... right? good for you. you are a brainwashed MORON. go watch CNN you baboon. death of hundreds of thousands? were you born in 1993? there was an 8 year war, if you recall, where MILLIONS died, and who fueled the fire? o yeah! same place that has fair impartial elections. i shit on your fair elections
are you telling me that the U.S is less free than Iraq under Saddam?
that is like asking if the queen of england is cleaner than a heroin addict dying in the streets. free means nothing if your people are starving and insecure.
US less free? the US is great, the best there ever was, but there are real reasons, economic reasons. without this there would be no freedom. or if there was it would be pointless because freedom + starvation = unintelligible actions; like people who are similar joining forces to murder those who are different
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