Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ahmadinejad is Making American Friends!

I don’t know how to interpret Mr.Ahmadinejad’s recent actions. As you all know by now, Ahmadinejad held a conference in Tehran to discuss the “myths surrounding the Holocaust”. The most notable guest, at least to those of us who are interested in American politics, was David Duke, a Former KKK leader and a Louisiana Congressman.

David Duke is no friend of the Iranian people. He has allied himself with the despotic regimes of the Middle East in order to fight the “Zionist Entity”. Inviting a known racist like David Duke to a conference in Tehran is not bad enough for Ahmadinejad that he had to meet with the former “Wizard of the Klan” in person. Even Bashar Assad, with all his wrongdoings and lack of experience, did not meet with Duke when the former Klansman visited Syria last year.

Is this a desperate attempt on Ahmadinejad’s part to attract more negative attention towards Iran? Is he trying to win the “hearts and minds” of Iran’s Arab neighbors so one day, they will support Iran in her nuclear dossier? Or is Ahmadinejad just trying to make some American friends!?

You can listen to Duke's speech in Tehran here:
Part I
Part II
Part III

And Here is Wolf Blitzer's interview with Duke: CNN VIDEO

Ahmadinejid may speak Parsi but he is not an Iranian.

Every one should bear in mind that Iran has been seized at Government level by Islamofacists for last 27 years.

Iranians are hostage to this savage regime. Iranians are not free people in Iran. They have been forced to Islam Sharia's rule and have been kept as hostage ever since. There is no freedom of speech and any freedom recognized by United Nation.

Iranian civilized women have been forced to the most degrading status in society by wearing veils and have become property of these Islamic men. They are sold at very young age to neighboring Arab countries for entertaining Arab sheiks.

Free Iranians are pushed to exile, silenced at home by force of gun, and prisons. Their braves have been tortured, maimed, hanged, killed individually and massacred in large numbers.

Khomani, Ahmadinijad and their similar loonies have no interest of Iranian people in mind nor heart. They barbarically are ruining Iran as a country and destroying civilized, peaceful and poetic Iranian culture just as their original ancestors did in 14th century Islamic Arab invasion bringing savage destruction to Iran and converting Iranians to Islam by force of swords.

Iranians are hostage and the hostage takers such as Ahmadinijad speak Parsian language, however, they are NOT Iranian.

There must be a conference on savagery of Islamofacist in Iran for last six hundred years. In this conference the barbaric masscare of Iranians by Islamic Arabs must come to surface.

Destruction of Iranian culure that the entire world are enjoying must come to notice that by these Islamic facists have been ruined in Iran must be the topic of this conference.

We need "Iran sieged by Islamofacists" conference internationally and in Iran under watch of International body to safegard the participants there.

Iranians do not support Holocaust denial conference origanized by non-Iranians although in Iranian dress and speaking our Parsi language.
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December 17, 2006
By: Ari Siletz

As a leader of a predominantly Shiite country, President Ahamadinejad understands the utility of politicizing grief. For over thirteen centuries Shiism has found sustenance in mournful rituals commemorating the death of its Imams. In the mind of a Shiite politician, the Holocaust story is a familiar emotional device for amplifying and channeling political power. However, this interpretation of the Holocaust as an instrument of manipulation is behind the times. In the modern world, the Holocaust lesson serves civilization by helping prevent atrocities that would occur otherwise.

Unfortunately the prevention is not always effective. In 1994 Hutus in Rwanda massacred a million Tutsis in a matter of three months. In the 1990's Bosnian Serbs attempted to cleanse Bosnia of its non-Serb population; mass graves are still being found. In the mid seventies the Khmer Rouge systematically killed off millions in the ideological cleansing of Cambodia. Our generation doesn't need to take the word of historians for these events; we witnessed the rising body count daily in the news. Even as I write, the killings in Darfur continue. Genocide it seems is more the historical rule than the exception. Ask any Iranian. Persian culture still displays the scars of the Mongol decimation of Iran's population eight centuries ago.

Despite our instinct for creating civilizations, the human conscience is a fragile organ of cognition. Our sense of right and wrong is easily overwhelmed by anger, jealousy, greed, or suspicion. This isn't all bad news; the unusually rapid evolution of the human brain seems to have been the result of competition against other members of our own species. The down side however--though few of us can face the thought -- is that human societies are prone to murdering each other.

The continual refreshing of the horrors of the Holocaust has been the most successful strategy in controlling outbreaks of genocidal behavior in the West. Minorities living in the United States or Europe enjoy the benefits of multiculturalism -- arts, music, fashion, food, architecture, cinema, festivals, religion˜without worrying about the hazards of being in the minority.

After 9-11, some radio talk show hosts provoked their American listeners by asking "can Muslims be good Americans?" Five million Americans with Muslim backgrounds could have found themselves in concentration camps, or worse. There was no American Bosnia because Holocaust awareness has strengthened the infrastructure of tolerance in America. What kept American Muslims safe during the dangerous times right after 9-11 was Sophie's Choice, Schindler's List, The Pianist, Judgment at Nuremberg and a host of other movies, television shows, books and novels about the Holocaust. For years such works have relentlessly shamed and marginalized anyone who would think of putting people in concentration camps.

President Ahmadinejad says European laws against denying the Holocaust are a curtailment of the freedom of speech. He believes these laws are a testament to Jewish power in the West. Here I offer a parallel explanation: these curtailments are a testament to the nearness of another Holocaust in Europe. What European leaders fear more than Jewish power is another Hitler. In the United States we are reminded of the closeness of this peril whenever a Mel Gibson delivers an anti-Semitic rant, or a Michael Richards goes into a racist rage, or a policeman brutally tasers an Iranian-American student.

President Ahmadinejad says that guilt created by the Holocaust manipulates Western powers into supporting Israel's harsh behavior towards the Palestinians. Be that as it may, acknowledging the Holocaust has a positive function for civilization which we must not give up even as we condemn its abuses.
ahmadinutjob is mentally deranged. Didnt you know it?
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I think that it is an "own goal" by the President. When it was decided to have this disgraceful conference in Tehran, it should have been anticipated what kind of people would tend to attend. But, politics- as we say in my little town in the north- has no father or mother- hence, politicians very often make a fool of themselves. Ahmadinejad, after all, is a politician, perhaps, a bad one, but sitll a politician.
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