Thursday, August 17, 2006

Who's Afraid of Shirin Ebadi?

Arash- I read this editorial piece in the New York Times today. It is a sad day when a regime treats its only noble laureate, the first Muslim woman to win such an award, in such horrible ways.

Shirin Ebadi has been active for decades fighting for women's and children's rights. Her record on defending Human Rights speaks for itself and needs no further explanation by me.

Yet the Islamic Republic find new ways everyday to harass her. The same applies to many of Iran's best and brightest, men like Akbar Ganji , Saied Hajarian , Taghi Rahmani and many others who are constantly harassed by the regime , simply because of criticizing the government.

Ayatollah Ebadi doesnt make any one scared... She is a useless idiot if you will.
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