Sunday, August 13, 2006

Imported vs Homegrown

Arash- Homegrown terrorism is going to be the free world’s most fierce challenge. It is easy to deny visas to outsiders and monitor their activities once they arrive at your country. Furthermore, these outsiders are not citizens of that country and can be deported easily. But what must be taken into consideration as a major threat is home grown terrorism. Young men and sometimes women of mainly Arab and Pakistani origins who are devout Muslims and attend mosque regularly are easy preys for radical Islamist who are in desperate need of recruiting the alienated Muslim youth. What happened in London and in Canada a few months ago illustrates the increase in number of homegrown terrorists.
The West must deny entry to radical preachers such as Abu Hamza Masri. Preachers like Masri only invite trouble and recruit trouble makers. Masri and his likes must be dealt with in courts and either be deported or incarcerated so their venomous preaching won’t infect anymore of the Muslim youth.

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