Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Purported Iranian letter of 2003 proposing cooperation with USA

The following document appears to be a letter sent to the Bush administration from Iranian authorities in 2003. The topic of the letter is the Arab Peace Initiative. Berkeley Forum has not verified the authenticity of this document therefore does not support nor reject the contents of this letter.

Who is this Trita Parsi? Does he work for mullahs?
[color=#fffafa]Insurgent attacks in Iraq killed 3,709 civilians last month[/color][URL=],[/URL][color=#fffafa] making October the deadliest month since the war began in 2003[/color][URL=],[/URL][color=#fffafa] according to the U.N. The report attributes the violence to "terrorist acts and sectarian strife,
including revenge killings[/color][URL=],[/URL][color=#fffafa]fueled by insurgent, militia and criminal activities.[/color]
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