Sunday, June 18, 2006

An Iranian's View

One of our readers has been kind enough to share some of his thoughts with us. I think that he points out a number of interesting things.

The last paragraph, in particular, is worth reading twice. I have talked to many people inside Iran, and they have a completely different perception of what Ahmadinejad is about. The same is true with some of my friends from Latin America about people like Hugo Chaves and Eva Morales. In their domestic speeches, these leaders seldom talk about contentious international issues. They just promise more freedom and justice, over and over again.

Since the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to office many have voiced their
concern about implementing democracy in the Middle East. Not too long
ago, Palestinians also voted Hamas into office. A growing number of journalists, scholars and politicians are arguing that establishing democratic systems in the Middle East would lead to the further radicalization of the regime. [But what accounts for the popularity of radicals in the region?]

In the absence of efficient governments, in a region where in
almost every country an oligarchy of royal families, or military officers, or
religious elite rules, there is no surprise to see people turning to guys who
are similar to themselves. For many decades now, secular Arab autocrats,
backed by the West, have ruled the region. The public suffers from no
representation, from the feeling that it is not involved in any affairs and
that its obedience is necessary at all times.

In reacting to such conditions, people vote for “outsiders,” for “underdogs,” for
Ahmadinejad’s. They are not embracing fascism – but just voting for
someone who promises them a better life. If one listens
to Ahmadinejad regularly, he won’t hear much about wiping Israel off the
map. But in every occasion he will hear about building gyms for women and
the youth, employment opportunities, new schools and hospitals, roads, and
such. Many know that such promises won’t come true – but at least they
are made and provide a glimpse of hope for the future.

I'm a 19 year old girl living in tehran, and i sure didnt vote for ahmadinejad in the elections... but i would just like to remind you that the egovernments of most of the countries in the world are unliked by their nation and i dont think any of their policies are very democratic ( even if they sound so!).
still.... that is just my idea!
dumb dumb dumb. are all the readers as dumb as the creators of this piece of shit blog? "but at least [the promises] are made. . ." oh yeah empty promises are just fucking great. no wonder your country is a huge steaming pile of shit.
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