Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This Smells of War!

This, I really believe, smells of war:

DHL Suspends Service to Iran
DHL has international delivery service to 220 countries! Including
Anguilla, Afghanistan, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea - yes, it gets weirder - and Iraq!! Iraq! DHL has 6 offices in Iraq. But it has just closed down its office in Iran. "Due to unforseen circumstances": You mean, war?

My good friends always tells me that the U.S. is bent on changing the regime; game over. over. Retaliation in case of an attack? No way, he says, not in a major way at least.

Look at the history of the
Iran-Iraq war: the U.S. got involveddirectly, attacking Iran's navy direcly, shototing down a civilian Iran Air airliner. What did Iran do? In Khomeini's words, "drink the poison" and immediately accept resolution 598, a weaker version of the 1982 offer to Iran which, by the way, also included fifty billion dollars in damages to be payed to Iran, courtesy of the Arab League.

I'm starting to believe in what my friend is saying more and more. The parallels are striking. I smell War! Watch this
anti-war slideshow to Black Sabbath's song "War."

- Assareh

Do you think Khameneii will "drink the poison" sooner or he will wait like his predecessor?
This is very rash thinking. You are jumping to conclusion prematurely and based on scant evidence. The US will not be in a war with Iran any time soon unless Iran outright attacks the US or a a US interest. There are a million reasons for this, too many to explain here, but one would do well to look outside of Iran to our relationships with other countries to determine the path we will take in the future.
Is this deja vu? Kinda reminds me of late 2002 and early 2003.
This is ridiculous, you base this on one company leaving? This is suspect analysis to say the least.

DHL pulling out of Iran and you guys SMELL the war


Smart thought though
were you drunk when you posted this? this is pretty ignorant and i am trying to think of an excuse for you
only thing that smells is this blog!
Might be possible but highly unlikely. Since 2003 DHL has slowly been cutting jobs. The US mainly supported Iraq because the government was, at that time, more cooperative with the US. Simple as that. Its all about national interests, the realism argument, obviously... The parallel is not so strong.
wow very astute...and yes i am kidding in the EXTREME
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