Monday, May 15, 2006

Immigration Protest at UC Berkeley

Video sent by omemarian
Omid- I wish I could post this piece earlier. But as you know semester is about to end and it is hard to find extra time to do some unfinished thing....I am happy it's done now....

Title Edit: "Immigation" -->
hahaha the music is funny, persian sytles

play some Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon
fuck them beaners. kick them out of my country.
They should protest to their own counties' governments to make their situations better.

They are protesting in the wrong place.

Go back where you are from
go back to where you are from and then try to live in the freedom-stifling society that is Iran

of course illegals shouldn't just receive amnesty, but your quote of where you are from doesn't even specify or bring about any dialogue on that subject---it just puts down immigrants... i can't believe that i have to say this because it's so obvious, but that's just such a REDNECK, HATEFUL, IGNORANT thing to say...

at least suggest something about illegals, or talk about those options, don't just have a blanket statement like simply and very clearly demonstrates your lack of reasonable thought
Iranians who sympathize with the Iranian regime or are supported by the regime should not be allowed to come to US and then becoem mouthpieces of the regime. It's a travesity.
@ Last Anonymous

Ditto that!
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