Saturday, March 18, 2006


I must start this piece by thanking my dear friend Omid Memarian who has been a great help in founding this blog. He is more than just a friend, but a true living example of an ongoing fight between good and evil. He was imprisoned in 2004 by the hard line elements of the judiciary in Iran. But he never stopped his fight. He continued to fight oppression despite all the threats posed by the government against him and his family. Once released from prison, Omid began to speak out about his horrific experiences while incarcerated. He is currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s graduate school of journalism. I salute him and I admire his courage.
This blog is the fruit of hard work and determination of three friends and collogues at University of California, Berkeley. Omid as mentioned above has been an encouragement all along. My dear friend Ali Assareh will also enlighten us with his insightful commentaries. And finally me. My writings will be posted on this blog periodically. I would like to invite all of you to read our posts, and give us your thoughtful feedback.
Happy Iranian New year (1385)
Arash Aramesh
Berkeley, Ca

Dear Anna;
Thank you for your interest in our blog. I believe that incarcerating individuals for their thoughts, torturing citizens for expressing their opinions and depriving your people from enjoying the most basic freedoms is evil. I believe that chopping hands is evil. I believe that stoning women in public is evil. I believe that executing human beings for their sexuality in evil. I stand on the side of those who support women’s rights, protect minority rights, provide a livable condition for their citizens and don’t imprison them for political disagreements.
Hope to see you soon at Berkeley

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