Friday, March 24, 2006

Journalism and Iraq War

Journalism and Iraq War
Video sent by omemarian
I am going to write a paper on “Insurgency in Iraq and the prospect of democracy”. That’s why I am trying to follow most of the events on Iraq at the campus which I hope provide more background and updated information for me. However Hani Shokrollah, who is the former editor in chief of Al-Ahram Weekly and the lecturer at UC Berkeley, is really helpful. Two weeks ago, there was a panel dissection on the coverage of war in Iraq by American journalists at the campus. I enjoyed a lot. At the time the Chronicle journalist believed that they can just cover 10 percent of the news there, Washington post reporter said that the coverage is almost 90 percent. So, you can see how is difficult to say what is happening there. If you talk with Iraqis here, they tell how the quality of media coverage is. I have put a piece of this conversation just to give you the sense of this meeting… Omid

This was an interesting lecture. This made a good contrast to the one from the previous week where the chief of the UK's Guardian said that the media wasn't getting the real story at all from Iraq. Pamela Constable, Deputy Foreign Editor from The Washington Post, said the same thing.

One interesting thing kept coming up... no one knows the real story... its the insurgency? What? Who? How?

~I'm glad you could go. I like how you guys got your tickets. It still makes me laugh.
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